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Clockwise from top left: Truman Bethurum (1898-1969), Orfeo Angelucci (1912-1993), Arthur Shuttlewood (1920-1996) Daniel Fry (1908-1992) — An article providing details of these four contactee cases is "Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age"The Bethurum case left him with two objects to share with the world as physical proof of his paranormal experiences. 

UFOlogy continuously considered in relation to military orientations can be frustrating for readers interested in metaphysical contexts.  Therefore, this blogger is presenting this Index of articles of UFOlogy cases for researchers.  Links for audio and video recordings are included.  Published between 2009 to the present, these article titles with links are from the more than 500 posts available at this blog.  Articles are listed in order of publication date from the earliest with some individual people who've been topics listed in alphabetical order.  There are three categories: Historical, Contactees and Transcendental.  Considering the Artemis Accords moon mining pact in the news this week, one 1959 contactee account presents the orientation quoted of a woman of another world: "One thing to remember . . . is that for every pound of weight we brought to our moon we removed a pound of moon matter, to keep its weight original, and to keep the orbits in balance."

2021 Military Report Alternatives


"In Appreciation of Wendy Connors and Her Faded Discs Archive"

          AUDIO: Available Faded Discs Archive
          Recordings (excluding contactees)  
"The Ectoplasmic Flying Saucer"
"My Trip to Arizona"
"Adventures in UFOlogy"
"The Early Days of Modern UFOlogy"
VIDEO: 1980 "UFO Cover-Ups" segment of "In Search Of"
 "Some UFOlogy Recordings"
          AUDIO: NOUFORS Wendy Connors Recordings
          (excluding contactees)
"Reflections about UFOlogy"
"Erich von Däniken: The Bryce Bond Interview"
"Some UFOlogists Are at an Impasse"
"Revisited: 'Area 51: The Alien Interview'" 
          VIDEO: See Article for Links 
"Wilbert B. Smith – Epitome of the UFOlogy 'Government Insider'/'Whistle-Blower'"
          AUDIO: See Article for Links
"Metaphysical Subjects and Paramount Movies (1990s)"
          VIDEO: 1991 Rendlesham interviews of "Unsolved Mysteries"

"UFOs Mass Sighting Event in Finland 1966"  
          VIDEO: "UFO Spotted in Mage, Brazil 2020"
          VIDEO: "UFO Sightings in Brazil" (2020)
"Detailed Report of Jeff Greenhaw's Falkville Incident Alien Encounter Testimonial"

Donald Keyhoe
"UFO Secrecy"
AUDIO: 1958 "Armstrong Circle Theatre" censored telecast
"The Flying Saucers are Real"
"Flying Saucers and 'The Nine Pattern'"
"Donald Keyhoe and Contactees"
"Flying Saucers Top Secret"
"Donald Keyhoe and the Condon Report"
"Aliens from Space"
"Some UFOlogy Recordings"

Bryant and Helen Reeve
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Truman Bethurum"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Daniel Fry"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Orfeo Angelucci"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Flying Saucer Pilgrimage"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Mark Probert and the Inner Circle"

Arthur Shuttlewood
"The Warminster Mystery"
VIDEO: 1990 "The Warminster Thing" UFO Documentary
"Warnings from Flying Friends"
"UFOs – Key to the New Age"
"Arthur Shuttlewood’s Daytime UFO Sightings"
"Some Media Responses to the Warminster Mystery"
"Bryce Bond and the Warminster Mystery"
"The Flying Saucerers"
"More UFOs Over Warminster"
"Account of a UFO Photo"
"UFO Magic in Motion"
"Flying Saucer Review and Arthur Shuttlewood"
"Arthur Shuttlewood In Retrospect"
"EVP and UFOlogy – MP3 Audio: Arthur Shuttlewood 1968"
AUDIO: 1968 Arthur Shuttlewood Interview
"Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People"
"Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age"
"Arthur Shuttlewood's Encounter with 'Karne' of the Planet 'Aenstria'"


Orfeo Angelucci
"Orfeo Angelucci's First Contact Experience"
"Orfeo Angelucci's Second Contact Experience"
"The Planet Lucifer's Destruction from The Secret of the Saucers"
"Orfeo Angelucci's Strange Predicament"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Orfeo Angelucci"
"Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison"
"More UFOs Over Warminster (Part 2)"
"Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People"
"Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age"
"Son of the Sun by Orfeo Angelucci"
"Case Profile: Flying Saucer Contactee Orfeo Angelucci"

Michael X. Barton
"UFOlogy and Michael X Barton"

Truman Bethurum
"The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer"
"An Incident from Truman Bethurum’s Aboard a Flying Saucer"
"MP3 Audio: Truman Bethurum 1954 Radio Interview"
          AUDIO: 1954 Truman Bethurum Interview
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Truman Bethurum"
"In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests"
"A Flying Saucer Contactee's Poetic Phase"
"Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age"
"Case Profile: Flying Saucer Contactee Truman Bethurum"
"Here Is UFOlogy's 'Bombshell Physical Proof'"

Daniel Fry
"Daniel Fry's First Contact Experience"
          AUDIO: See Article for Links
"Beyond the White Sands Incident"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Daniel Fry"
"Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age"
"Extra-Terrestrial 'Alan' On Energy Sources"

Dana Howard
"Reflections about UFOlogy"
"In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests"
"My Flight to Venus 1954 Addendum by Dana Howard"
"The Remarkable Books of Dana Howard"

Arthur H. Matthews
"A 1973 Book about Nikola Tesla and Interaction with Venusians"


Guy and Edna Ballard
"Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison"
"The Other Ascended Masters"
"Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters"
"Ascended Masters and the Sun"

Thomas Jacobson
"On The Air with Thomas Jacobson Channeling 'Dr. Peebles' in Los Angeles 1980s"
"The New Age: 'Dr. Peebles' Channeled by Thomas Jacobson"
JZ Knight
"Ascended Masters and the Sun"
"JZ Knight and UFOs"
Ryuho Okawa
"Channeling – Discovering Our Divinity with Ryuho Okawa"
"Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa's Spiritual Interviews" 
Paulina Peavy
"Paulina Peavy Interview on Long John Nebel Radio Show 1958"
          AUDIO: "Long John Nebel Radio Interview 1958"
Mark Probert
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Flying Saucer Pilgrimage"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary about Mark Probert . . ."
"'Speaking of Myself' by Mark Probert (from The Magic Bag)"
"Portraits and Profiles of The Inner Circle 'Teachers of Light'"
"Mark Probert and The Inner Circle"
"Yada Speaks"
". . . Lecture Transcripts of The Inner Circle Through Mark Probert"
"Taking a Closer Look at 'Unexplained Phenomena'"
"Ray Palmer's Flying Saucer . . . Questions Answered . . ."
"Metaphysical Instruction from 'Yada Di Shi'ite' . . . "
"Self-Realization in the Aquarian Age . . ."
"Expanding Your Consciousness with 'The Inner Circle'"
“Man’s ‘Oneness with Universal Consciousness’”
Andrija Puharich / Dr. D. G. Vinod / Uri Geller
"Case Study: Uri by Andrija Puharich"
"Flying Saucers and 'The Nine Pattern'"
"'The Nine' and the New Age"
Maureen Puddy
"The Maureen Puddy Case"
          AUDIO: Maureen Puddy Interview, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Pat Rodegast
"Excerpts from Centrahoma Interview Transcripts"
"In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests"
"Anomalous Phenomena . . . the Basis for Disbelief and Fear"
          VIDEO: "Steven Greer CE-5 Sighting: Vero Beach FL . . . 2015" 
          VIDEO: "Jim Martin Witness Experience" 
"Crop Circle Reporting from the Early 1990s" 
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