Here Is UFOlogy's 'Bombshell Physical Proof'


Regarding the instance of 'bombshell physical proof' that is the subject for this blog article, it's noticeable with these two objects shown above that a reader is called upon to place in context many aspects of the human condition.  These two objects are letters that were given to the recipient while aboard a 'flying saucer.'  The letters are manifestly authentic when the context is comprehended — something beyond the intellectual capacity of the man who described how this evidence was given to him.
It has always been a thought-provoking realization that with some fields of anomalous manifestation, the authenticity of documentation is discernible if detailed case evidence is learned instead of a reader trusting the opinion of some disparaging commentator ignorantly motivated by a denialist agenda.  At first glance, it is generally noticeable how articles of evidence that show some aspect of anomalous manifestation are recognizably simple in some way reflecting social norms of the epoch reflected (such as photos of seance room materializations and psychic photography; recordings that document 'Direct Voice phenomena,' 'spiritual healing' and 'Instrumental Transcommunication'; and some correlating specific word and number patterns found throughout a variety of 'paranormal' case chronologies).  
For many decades, a multitude of contemporary people have seemed preoccupied with 'earning a living' while using their leisure hours entertaining themselves with the media franchises of 'popular culture' rather than attempting to discover how to expand their understanding of metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life.  Commercialized media reflecting cultural programming spanning many generations may leave one with few insights leading to knowing how to accomplish personal expansion of metaphysical understanding.
Turning one's attention to UFOlogy case chronologies describing contact by space people, Truman Bethurum chronicled how he had been given two objects that constitute 'physical proof' of his testimonials.  Images of these two letters and English translations are included in his book Aboard a Flying Saucer as first detailed by this blogger in an article published in 2012.  Truman's initial encounter with "space people" was reported to have occurred on July 27, 1952 and the case study book published in 1954.  During the conversation with Truman that preceded her giving him the two letters, the woman who became known to him as 'Captain Aura' is quoted as having told him: "There is more to this than meets the eye."

The book had been written with the assistance of experienced author Mary Kay Tennison.  Truman Bethurum (1898-1969) would eventually make available to readers his original notes of the visits in The Voice of the Planet Clarion (1957).  Truman's first book mentions George Adamski, whose case chronology lacks any bombshell physical proof (to say the least).  Adamski had written about having made "personal contact with a man from another world" in Flying Saucers Have Landed published in September 1953.  Adamski invited Truman for a visit so that the two of them could compare experiences.  The visit took place in July 1953 and Adamski made a tape recording of Truman talking about his contact encounters.  Adamski then publicized Truman's case and the result was surprising.  Truman recalled how his life with his wife in Redondo Beach, California suddenly changed: "Our doorbell began to ring mornings before we could even have our breakfast, and it hardly stopped for an intermission all day long and far into the night."

Along with the three other contactee case chronologies profiled in previous blog articles, Truman's case makes evident how each man became an initiate to a Universal Source articulated in comparable ways by each individual entity among the communicating space people —

Captain 'Aura Rhanes' to Truman Bethurum;
Book: Aboard a Flying Saucer (1954)

We worship a Supreme Deity who sees, knows and controls all . . . We figure our lives and plan our actions far in advance, and every one of us knows how to do this . . . God has been liberal in his blessings and there is no dearth . . . Your deserts and plains could be transformed into gardens that would be like heaven.  The substance and effort and life spent each year on your wars [if used otherwise] would bring an abundance of water into your deserts, if not from your polluted rivers from the atmosphere itself, or from your distant oceans.

Truman also mentioned God as being a Deity Whom "loves all" in a later chapter.  He commented about the voice of the approximately 4' 6" tall woman captain: "It began to penetrate to my consciousness that this woman was talking to me in a swinging, rhythmic tone of voice, much like you read Mother Goose verses to your children . . ."

In the follow-up publication presenting his notes, Truman explained:
Captain Aura told him to write down the visits and what was said, in the manner in which she spoke.  Upon his return home, after the second visit, he took his pen and started to concentrate.  To his surprise, the words flowed from his pen, as if Aura, herself, had hold of it.  The following pages are the result. 

'Alan' to Daniel Fry
Book: Alan's Message: To Men of Earth (1954)

". . . in your great book of wisdom and philosophy which you call the Bible, it is stated that when a man has lighted a candle, he does not place it under a bushel, but holds it forth that all men may be guided by its light.  We have expanded considerable time and patience in the effort to light a few candles among the races of your planet . . ."

"But what can I do?" I said, "I am an unknown.  How can I reach the public, and who would listen if I could?"

" . . . Tell the story though your newspapers, your radio and television stations, and if necessary, shout it from the house-tops, but let the people know . . . Remember also that you will have friends, more friends than you ever dreamed of . . . Don't forget what I have told you about the power of thought.  When you have friends, you are never alone no matter where you may be . . . Mankind . . . has, from the very beginning of his development, sensed the fact that there is a supreme power and intelligence which pervades and controls all nature.  Man's attitude toward this power has varied from fear and resentment, to reverence and love . . . our ancestors were a group of survivors of the last complete collapse of civilization on this planet . . ."

'Neptune' to Orfeo Angelucci:
Book: The Secret of the Saucers (1955)

Brother of Earth, each entity of your planet is divinely created and immortal.  Upon your world the mortal shadows of those entities are working out their salvation from the plane of darkness.  Every person upon Earth and its adjoining planes of manifestation are definitely arrayed upon either the positive side of progression toward good, or on the negative side of regression toward greater evil . . . We will do everything within our power for the children of Earth that they will permit us to do, through free will . . . The aggressive men of Earth want our scientific advancements.  For these they would shoot our crafts from the skies — if they could.  But additional scientific knowledge we cannot give to Earth except as we are now doing in a manner perfectly in accord and harmony with cosmic law.  Already man's material knowledge has far outstripped the growth of brotherly love and spiritual understanding in his heart.  Therein lies the present danger.  To add to the destructive phase of man's scientific knowledge is not permitted . . . Each person upon Earth has a spiritual, or unknown, self which transcends the material world and consciousness and dwells eternally out of the Time dimension in spiritual perfection within the unity of the oversoul . . . God is Love, and in these simple words may be found the secrets of all the mysteries of Earth and the worlds beyond.
Orfeo remembered: "At that moment, as in a dream, I heard the strains of the 'Lord's Prayer,' played as though by thousands of violins . . . Above the exquisite strains of melody, the voice said: 'Beloved friend of Earth, we baptize you now in the true light of the worlds eternal.'"

'Selorik' to Arthur Shuttlewood
Book: The Warminster Mystery (1967)

I ask you to believe that we are just as you, physically.  You have exceptions to the rule in giants and pygmies, in differing colours of skin.  We have these, also.  Specific tasks are carried out for us by robots of or own creation.  These, if seen on the ground, could cause confusion in the minds of your peoples, being mistaken for grotesque denizens of other planets.  They are harmless and obey our will.

We do need your friendship, so that we can share our knowledge with your scientists and doctors.  There is so much of value we can offer, freely and willingly, to your peoples.  Please tell them, by publications in all your cantel [planet] papers and writings, that we are not to be feared.  We come in infinite love and peace.  Yet many of you are still hostile to us.  Shots from earth-guns have been fired at our spacecraft.  We are immune to such attacks, when prepared to meet them.  But some of us have been killed, needlessly.

You see, Shuttlewood, we cannot retaliate. That is against the laws of our cantel and the demands of the Only One's code.  We may lose lives while endeavouring to help your peoples, though we shall never take one in return.  That is forbidden.

Shuttlewood wrote about the Aenstrian queen:
Traellison had a strangely sweet, sing-song voice, nicely modulated and yet like that of a child, although she wields great authority among her subjects.  She told me that Earth peoples have much to learn; the eyes and minds of many are clouded by misapprehension and lack of true understanding as to the prime purpose of life.  We are all children and living parts of the great Creator, the Living Force who controls every single particle of the universe, human or inanimate.

These four contactee case chronologies show how each human experiencer/author may be considered what one might describe as a modern 'initiate to Universal Source.'

The annals of transcendental communication establish a long chronology of cases involving materialized letters and human masters representing a realm of human existence beyond the physical plane.  Previous blog articles about these cases include “The Mahatma Letters”, “The ITC Letters”, “A Sitting with Slate-Writing Medium Mr. P. O. Keeler 1911”, “The Bangs Sisters” and “Metaphysically Revealing Experiences in the Life of Maurice Barbanell”.

Also previously mentioned in relation to Truman Bethurum's testimonials are some of the paranormal case studies where an individual experienced unprecedented creativity or 'automatic writing' involving poetry or proverbs, including Pearl Lenore Curran, whose psychic experiences began with Ouija Board communication; Chico Xavier, a famous Brazilian author of books via automatic writing; Lynn Russell, who was a regular participant in Direct Voice Communication seances; Elizabeth Fuller, who was the colleague (and later became the wife) of author John G. Fuller (The Interrupted Journey, Arigo).  A blog article about 'automatic writing' mediumship is "The 'Automatic Mirror Writing' of Mrs. Georgia".

As with most people of modern times, Truman Bethurum knew nothing about the gamut of paranormal case chronologies and therefore it is understandable that he couldn't articulate any metaphysical context concerning the two letters provided to him.  In addition to his original notes, The Voice of the Planet Clarion includes "Some Poems Given Under the Inspiration of Aura Rhanes" as Truman had no other orientation concerning what meaning could be fathomed in relation to his newfound creativity.  One of Truman's poems suggests a potential mantra that has the potential of helping the reader to develop a perspective about 'Thought Transference' in relation to limitations of free will:

What are we waiting for,
          A better world, you say?
Something that was elusive yester year,
          As it is today?

We scan the sky and heaven,
          And wonder when 'twill come.
I have an unusual answer,
          It's when we think as ONE! 

Truman's final remembrance of the occurrences in his life and interaction with 'Aura Rhanes' was published posthumously as The People of the Planet Clarion (1970).  Here is the portion of the book that begins with Truman recalling the circumstances involving the writing of his "first notes of our meeting on July 27, 1952."

I was told by the Captain that I should write down the highlights of our discussion and make it known to the people of our world.  My answer to her was:

"I am not a writer and I can hardly read my own writing!"

She promised, "You will have no trouble writing about our visits with you."

"Does that mean that you are coming back again?" I asked with anxious eagerness.

"We will be back next week," was her reassuring answer.

After the first visit was over, I drove slowly back to the shop and work area, while the sun was just coming up.  I had no paper, pen or pencil with me and, in fact, wondered whether a return would be made.

However, the week seemed to pass quickly, and the second visit became a reality as she promised.  But — I had done no writing!  When I was questioned about this and responded in the negative, I was told, "When you are off work, write down in your own way what was discussed on our first visit with you, and then write down all that we are discussing now."

"It would be difficult for me to write and make anyone believe what I was writing about," I disclaimed, a bit helplessly.

"You won't have any trouble now," she answered reassuringly.

When I was back at the Desert Inn in Overton, I took paper and pencil and sat down to write as they had instructed me to do.  The results were surprising to me!  It seemed as though someone was holding the pencil and actually forming the words!  It came out thus:

The other day, you will say I was dreaming,
          But I am sure you will believe me now.
A FLYING SAUCER landed beside me,
          But they called it their "ADMIRAL SCOW."
I spoke to the crew as they landed,
          They lined up to shake my hand.
The men spoke of the glories of their castles,
          You know, they're from a far-off land.
I asked to speak to their Captain.
          They said, "Surest thing, you know."
Then they took me to her stateroom,
          And her cheeks were all aglow.
I stood there, smiling and spellbound,
          Wondering what was next.
She waved them away with a smile,
          Then said: "Speak up, friend.  You're not hexed!"
I inquired of her people and loved ones,
          And asked of prices and qualities, too.
Then I asked of their pleasures and troubles,
          And of the work that they generally do.
Now, you will certainly marvel at her answers,
          But you will know they're from a master mind.
She stated, "The things that trouble and worry you,
          In our homes you'll never find!
We have no need for doctors and nurses,
          You have mechanics and laborers, too!
On our planet they would only mean trouble,
          So you see, they're all taboo!   

This is the cover of the 1995 reprinted edition of the book.

Upon reading a 1995 reprint of the book The People of the Planet Clarion, there were some personal parallels found between this blogger's life and Truman's remembrances.  Like myself, Truman could recall something that happened to him at an early age.  He remembered accompanying his parents to greet President William McKinley at a Redlands Hotel at the age of 2 years 9 months old.  His parents separated when he was around four years old.  Circa 1925 he accepted a job in Long Beach that brought him to Southern California.  A few years later he moved to Bellflower.  After becoming an author, he lectured many times throughout the area, including at the Angelus Temple.  There were also radio interviews and a few national television show interview appearances.

The memoir includes articles and artwork by Columba Krebs (Annabell Culverwell 1902-1998) with Truman mentioning:
I shared the lecture platform with Columba Krebs in Troupers Hall, Hollywood, and in Santa Barbara.  At this time she showed her colorful slides from her symbolic paintings, "The Mysteries of Man and the Universe."  Some of these slides portrayed the Space ships coming to neutralize nuclear explosions, such as in the picture, "Wave of the Future."

Included in one chapter identifying friends who'd supported Truman is this declaration:
To Columba Krebs, for the inspired cover she painted for this book and for the many hours she spent transcribing my handwritten notes on the typewriter.  I am sure that time will prove that she is one of the world's greatest  artists

The book concludes with "My Amazing Experience with Truman Bethurum" by Columba Krebs.  This article presents her personal testimonial of unusual events observed at times when she and Truman were together.

Columba Krebs recalled:
I met him when I came to California, as well as most of the other contactees, to learn more about the space people.

He kept telling me that his secretary resembled Aura Rhanes (the space woman commanding the flying saucer he visited).  A prominent feature of his secretary's face were her arched eyebrows, and he kept impressing upon me that Aura Rhanes also had such eyebrows.  Later, I was to be reminded of this.

He helped me to move from Santa Monica to Los Angeles.  As we drove in his car to my hotel, to pick up my baggage, I remarked wistfully:

"I wish we could see Aura Rhanes drive up in front of my hotel when we arrive there."

"Maybe she will come walking along the street, so watch for her," he replied with a mysterious air.

After most of my luggage was in his car, I stood beside it while he went inside to bring out the last pieces.  As I waited for his return, I noticed a lovely little lady coming toward me.  To my delighted surprise, she was dressed exactly as Mr. Bethurum had described her in his book (black velvet jacket, with red bows, red pleated skirt, even to the black beret with a red stripe across it).  Her hair was curly black and her large expressive eyes were keenly penetrating.

As she approached they looked straight through me, then she glanced inside the car where my paintings were.  Turning back to me, she gave me the most brilliant and warmest smile I have ever seen on any face.  A great excitement and turmoil rose in me as what to do about this new situation.  If her eyebrows had been arched, I would have spoken to her, and tried to hold her until Bethurum came out again, to confirm my identification or otherwise

But, my confusion about the shape of her eyebrows held me back, and thus lost me another chance to meet her — or else expose an impersonator when he came out.  Thus, between wondering which alternative to take, I just stood as though spellbound.  As she passed me, I suddenly wondered whether her looking at my art work and her wonderful smile was an encouraging sign that the space people intend to help my art career.

This thought made me whirl around determined to run after her and buttonhole her until he appeared.  But, to my utter amazement and disappointment she had literally vanished!  There was no doorway nearby that she could have slipped into.  In that short moment, she had not enough time to reach the corner, nor had she crossed the street.  So, naturally, I wondered how she could have disappeared so quickly!  I blamed myself for not thinking fast enough!

This inexplicable vanishing act convinced me that I had really seen Aura Rhanes (remembering how his book described these magical peoples' ability to appear and disappear at will).  I resolved that if such an opportunity should come again, I would not be caught napping.  But the space people seldom try the same thing again, if they fail to find enough response the first time.

On the way to L.A. I told him about the strange incident, and he just scolded me for not calling him out the moment I had laid eyes on her.

Columba next described what happened that night when Truman played for her a tape recording of one of his interviews for a radio station.
When it was finished, he turned the tape back to run it off.  Suddenly, we were both amazed to hear the jolly voices of a man and woman conversing in a strange sibilant language.  Their soft tones were rather high-pitched and rapid, with a slight sing-songy rhythm.  His eyes went wild with joy as he listened with rapt recognition.

"What's the matter?  Who are these voices?" I asked, sensing something very extraordinary about this from his attitude.

"That's Aura Rhanes, I would know her voice anywhere, talking with one of her crew."  He acted as though he not only recognized their language but understood it as well, because he laughed as often and as jubilantly as they did.  It was rather tantalizing to me to not be able to understand what they were saying.  I was a bit piqued that they didn't say one word in English.

As the interlude continued, they noticed that "the voices continued at the same rate of speed, no matter how far he turned the dials to speed up or slow it down."
"That means their voices must be coming through the recorder, using it only as a reference point, or is there some mechanism inside that causes such independence from the speed control roll?" I asked still from Missouri.

"Do you think they can hear us?  If so, please ask them to say a few words in English." I begged, but he was too engrossed in listening to them to pay any attention to me.  When I approached the recorder and knelt down beside it, I was about to ask him again, when a most startling phenomenon happened!

The tape nearest me lifted itself out of the groove about two inches high, in a loop, and began jumping up and down in a violent flapping as though shaking hands very vigorously!  Was this their way of telling me they were greeting me with a hearty welcome?

I drew back, strangely perturbed, saying, "I wonder if my vibrations are too strong?"  At this, the tape flapped more wildly.  

When Truman took the tape off the recorder and put it on the floor, the voices continued to be heard.  Columba wrote: " . . . this was added proof that the voices were absolutely independent of the recorder, although they sounded as though coming through it."  In 2020, such phenomena is known categorically as 'Instrumental Transcommunication' (incl. 1, 2, 3).  Columba related further:
The next evening, he brought the recorder in again, but this time their voices were in a lower, deeper tone, and seemed to be in much more serious vein, as though they were very much concerned about something.

"Please tell me what they are saying, if you understand their language." I begged.  But he only turned a cold shoulder to me, mumbling something about not being able to understand them.

Columba commented that she was left wondering "But why, oh why were they so shy about communicating with us more tangibly?"

Concerning an individual becoming aware of an all-knowing 'Supreme Deity'/'Supreme Power"/'Oversoul'/'Only One,' how this blogger reacts when faced with a choice about something is by considering what response or course of action will be best for all in order to accomplish what is the greatest 'good' for all.
4/30/22 Update: Documentation of the Truman Bethurum case chronology timeline includes a Sept. 24, 1953 article and follow-up reports in the Redondo Beach Daily Breeze as reported by Sam Gnerre of the Daily Breeze in 2019: 
On Sept. 24, 1953, Redondo Beach resident Truman Bethurum told the Daily Breeze that he had seen flying saucers, and, what's more, had been taken aboard one of them for a flight while working on a road crew near Glendale Junction, Nevada.
The article caused a sensation, and over a series of stories, Bethurum revealed that he had taken 11 such flights with aliens from the planet Clarion, who were led by their captain, Aura Rhanes.  
During his time in the South Bay, Bethurum became friends with a precursor in the field, George Adamski, one of the first self-styled UFO "experts."  



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