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Left to right: Ray Brown, Kevin Ryerson, Ryuho Okawa

There are many 'gifts of the spirit' to be found among this Links Index of Channeling Cases — Blog Articles and Videos.  Published between 2009 to the present, these articles are among hundreds of posts at the Metaphysical Articles: Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media blog.  The names of people who today are known as 'channelers' are in alphabetical order and appear in three categories: 'Deep Trance'/'Overshadowing'/'Total Takeover'; Clairvoyant/Clairaudient; and Automatic Writing/Art.  Not included in this list are links to articles related to other forms of transcendental communication, such as materialization mediumship, Direct Voice Phenomena, 'contactees,' etc.

'Deep Trance,' 'Overshadowing' or 'Total Takeover'


Arigo (Jose Pedro de Freitas)

"Spiritual Healing"
"Arigo Case Study: ‘A Mystery and a Challenge for Science'"


Maurice Barbanelll

"Maurice Barbanell: Journalist for the Power of the Spirit"
"Channeling 'Silver Birch' (In Comparison with Other Cases)"
"The Mediumship of Mr. Barbanell" 
"Life and the Afterlife Explained from the Other Side"
VIDEO: "Silver Birch Speaks"

Ray Brown

"The Ray Brown/'Paul' Trance Healer Case"
"Trance Healer Autobiography: A Mere Grain of Sand"
"Raymond's Other Guides"
"Transcendental Perspectives of Christ and Jesus (Part 2)"
"2015: Ray Brown and 'Paul' vs. 'Assumed Imperative'"
"Trance Healer Ray Brown and 'Paul' in 2016"
"What Do People Ignorant about 'Channeling' Find Unbelievable . . . ?"
"Channeling — Paul's Comments about Jesus and Life's Purpose" 
VIDEO: "Ray, Gillian & Paul"
VIDEO: "Secrets of the Paranormal BBC Television 1996" (no longer available)
VIDEO: "The Lightworkers Guide to the Galaxy"
VIDEO: "Spirit Surgeon - Ray Brown"
VIDEO: "Life After Death - Your Spiritual Journey - Ray Brown"
VIDEO: "Dead and Alive"me
VIDEO: "Ray Brown Healing — An Introduction"
VIDEO: "Anita and David's Story"

Edgar Cayce

"Channeled Perspectives of the Brain"
"A Meditation on Christ Consciousness . . ."
"On 'Ra-Ta' from the Edgar Cayce Channeled Reading Transcripts"
"The Second Coming"
"Explaining the 'Second Coming'" 
"A Dental Remedy Channeled through Edgar Cayce"
"Guidelines for Spiritual Healing"
VIDEO: "Hear Edgar Cayce's voice giving an actual reading A.R.E."


Mrs. J. H. Conant

"Trance Channeling in the 19th Century"


Andrew Jackson Davis

"Andrew Jackson Davis - Psychic and Channeler"
"The Starnos Compendium"
"Reminiscences of Andrew Jackson Davis"

Rubens Faria

"William Moreira's 1995 Letter to U.S. Media . . ."
"The 'Paranormal' In Perspective"
"Marcia's Healing (from book 'Dr. Fritz' . . ."
"'The Dr. Fritz Phenomenon'"
"How Masao Maki Met 'Dr. Fritz'"
VIDEO: "Rubens [/Dr.] Fritz Video"

Arthur Ford

"Transcending the Prevailing Journalism about Paranormal Topics"
"Case Profile: Trance Medium Arthur Ford . . ."
"Arthur Ford's NDE . . .'"
"Arthur Ford's Reflections about . . . Mrs. Houdini and Bishop Pike"
"Trance Medium Arthur Ford and The Sun Myung Moon Sittings" 
"Some Evidence of The Divine Mind"  

Eileen Garrett

"Channeled Perspectives of the Brain"
"Transcendental Communications from 'Abduhl Latif'"
"Spiritual Healing"
"Taking a Closer Look at 'Unexplained Phenomena'"
"Eileen Garrett and the 'Fantastic Territory'"
"Eileen Garrett and Ira Progoff's . . . Research Collaboration"
"In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests"
"Some Observations about 'Channeling'"
"Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence"
"Trance Mediumship' Session Accounts . . ."

Julia Greef

"Channeled Perspectives of the COVID-19 Pandemic"  
VIDEO: ". . . From the GrandMothers of Absolute Light"

Gordon Higginson

"Video Clips of Medium Gordon Higginson (1918-1993) . . ."
"Gordon Higginson's Visitor from the Ascended Realm"
"On The Side Of Angels: The Life Story of Gordon Higginson"
VIDEO: "Gordon Higginson (From England) - Trance Speaking Mediumship"

Daniel Dunglas Home

"Trance Communication and D. D. Home"
"No. 1 Seance from Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home"

Helen Hughes

"Evolution of a Medium"

Thomas Jacobson

"What Do People Ignorant about 'Channeling' Find Unbelievable . . . ?"
"Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)"
"The Thomas Jacobson/'Dr. Peebles' Channeling Case"
"On The Air with Thomas Jacobson Channeling 'Dr. Peebles'  . . ."

"The New Age: 'Dr. Peebles' Channeled by Thomas Jacobson" 
VIDEO: "Dr. Peebles Explains Why We Came To Earth Part 1 of 3"

John of God (João de Deus/João Teixeira da Faria)

"Spirituality & Health: Healing Spirits of Brazil"
"An Introduction to Healer John of God"
"John of God and the Media"
"John of God: Journey to the Spirit World"
"Taking a Closer Look at 'Unexplained Phenomena'"
"John of God vs. 'Assumed Imperative'"
"What People Should Know about Spiritual Healer John of God"
VIDEO: "John of God film on Oprah"
VIDEO: "John of God documentary — Part 1"
VIDEO: "John of God documentary — Part 2"
VIDEO: "The Healing Ministry of John of God, Joao de Deus"
VIDEO: "Brazilian Miracle Man — John of God"
VIDEO: "Oprah Witnesses John of God's Surgical Procedure"
VIDEO: "Americans Experience John of God's 'Spiritual Surgery'"
VIDEO: "Oprah's One-on-One Interview with John of God"
VIDEO: "Why John of God Says He Doesn't Believe in Death"
VIDEO: "Did John of God's Methods Work? . . ." 

Douglas Johnson

"John and Elizabeth Fuller's . . . Paranormal Discoveries"

JZ Knight

"How JZ Knight Became the Channeler of Ramtha"
"Ramtha's Life (as Told to JZ Knight)"
"Ramtha: Voyage to the New World"
"A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality"
"Ascended Masters and the Sun"
"Ramtha's 2014 Interview"
"Ramtha, The White Book"
"Remote Viewing Is Easy (My Introduction to JZ Knight and Ramtha)"
". . . Ramtha and John Dee's Spiritual Diary"
"A Master's Reflection on the History of Humanity"
"Ramtha In Perspective"
"Taking a Closer Look at 'Unexplained Phenomena'"
"Some Observations about 'Channeling'"
"Ten Channeled Perspectives of Christ Consciousness" 
"Channeling News Considered" 
VIDEO: ". . . on Merv Griffin Show - 1985"
VIDEO: "Multiverses in 2012"
VIDEO: "Ramtha - Excerpt 1 of 4 'Relevance' teaching . . . 2012"


Gladys Osborne Leonard

"Gladys Osborne Leonard's Steps to Trance Mediumship . . ."
"Trance Medium Gladys Osborne Leonard's Visits to the Other Side"
"Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People"


Mary-Margaret Moore

"Considering Diverse Initiations for . . . Spiritual Insights"
VIDEO: "A Misunderstanding about Enlightenment" 


Hannah Mumler (wife of William Mumler)

"The Phenomenal Photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln"

Ryuho Okawa

"Ryuho Okawa's Happy Science"
"Messages from Heaven"
". . . the 'Guardian Spirits' of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump"
"Channeler Ryuho Okawa's Invitation to Happiness"
"Some Observations about 'Channeling'" 
"Channeling - Discovering Our Divinity with Ryuho Okawa"
"Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa's Spiritual Interviews"
"UFO Videos and Photos - Ryuho Okawa's Investigation in Japan" 
VIDEO: "Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump"
VIDEO: ". . . Bashar al-Assad"
VIDEO: ". . . Nelson Mandela"
VIDEO: ". . . Ban Ki-moon"

Paulina Peavy

"Paulina Peavy Interview on Long John Nebel Radio Show 1958"
AUDIO: Long John Nebel 1958 Radio Show Broadcast

Mark Probert

"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Flying Saucer Pilgrimage"
"Bryant and Helen Reeve's Commentary . . ."
"'Speaking of Myself' by Mark Probert (from The Magic Bag)"
"Portraits and Profiles of The Inner Circle 'Teachers of Light'"
"Mark Probert and The Inner Circle"
"Yada Speaks"
"Excerpts from Lecture Transcripts of The Inner Circle . . ."
"Ray Palmer's Flying Saucer . . . Questions Answered  . . ."
"Self-Realization in the Aquarian Age . . . Q&A 1955"


Jach Pursel

"Transcendental Communication and Jonathan Livingston Seagull" 
VIDEO: "Jane Roberts - The Seth Video"

Pat Rodegast

"Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence"
VIDEO: "Emmanuel DVD"
VIDEO: "Who Is Emmanuel in Relation to Buddha, Jesus . . ."

Kevin Ryerson

"'Spirit Communication' Through Kevin Ryerson"
"Transcendental Perspectives of Christ and Jesus (Part 2)"
"Reflections about Reincarnation and Synchronicity"
"Some Observations about 'Channeling'"
"Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)"
“Channeling – John’s Comments about the God Force and Jesus” 
"Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence" 
VIDEO: "Exploring Ancient Egypt Adventure—Initiation with Sekmet"

Phyllis V. Schlemmer

"UFOs — Key to the New Age"
"'The Nine' and the New Age"
"Cosmic Revelations from 'Tom' of 'The Council of Nine'"
"'The Nine' - Some Aspects of the Case for Reflection" 

Paul Selig

"I Am The Word"
"Channeled Insights to Christ Consciousness" 
"Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence" 
VIDEO: "Introduction to the Work of Paul Selig and the Guides"
VIDEO: "Paul Selig: The Guides Claim as Melchizadek"
VIDEO: "How Do the Guides Work with Paul - Energizing the Books"
VIDEO: "Paul and the Word"
VIDEO: "Paul Selig Channeling . . . A New Realities Special"


Ena Twigg

"Case Profile: Medium Ena Twigg"
"In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests"


Dr. D. G. Vinod

"Case Study: Uri by Andrija Puharich"
"Flying Saucers and 'The Nine Pattern'"
"'The Nine' and the New Age"



Guy and Edna Ballard

"Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison"
"The Other Ascended Masters"
"Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters"
"Ascended Masters and the Sun"
"Ten Channeled Perspectives of Christ Consciousness" 

Rosemary Brown

"Rosemary Brown and the Media"
"Rosemary Brown Channeled Songs from John Lennon"
"Rosemary Brown's Comments about , , , Medium Leslie Flint"
"Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios"
VIDEO: "Music from the Beyond . . ." 
VIDEO: "Rosemary Brown In Conversation, 1973"


Pearl Lenore Curran

"Patience Worth"
"Pearl Lenore Curran's Reflections about 'Patience Worth'"
" . . . Pearl Curran, 'Miss Beauchamp,' John Dee and Edward Kelly"
"Considering Evidence for the 'Supernormal' . . . 'Patience Worth'"

Helen Greaves

"How Psychic Helen Greaves First Learned about Mediumship"
"A Period of Revelatory Dreams and Developing Clairaudience"
"Helen Greaves: Reflections about 'Spiritual Inter-Communication'"
"Introduction to Testimony of Light"
"Testimony of Light"
"The Wheel of Eternity: How the Witness Learned about Her Task"
"The Wheel of Eternity: The Mistress and The Plan"
"The Wheel of Eternity: The Purpose Fulfilled"
"Helen Greaves: Her Prophetic Dream of the New Age"
". . . Transcripts: Excerpts from Living Waters"
"Gifts of the Spirit"  


Marjorie Livingston

"Dawn of the New Age: ‘Leader Writes'"
"The Aquarian Age"
"Transcendental Communication Transcripts . . ."
"Holistic Realizations"


Partana Vegan

"A New Foundation of Higher Consciousness (The Coming of 'Telah')"
"Excerpts from Telah Speaks by Partana Vegan 1961"
"Our Magnetic Universe and a New Age (from Telah Speaks)"

Automatic Writing/Art


Florencio Anton

VIDEO: "Florencio Anton - Mediunic / Sprit Paintings . . ."

Elizabeth Fuller

"Elizabeth Fuller's 'Psychic Development'"

Luiz Antonio Gasparetto

VIDEO: "There is no Death - Luiz Gasparetto, Part 1"

Matthew Manning

"British GQ Matthew Manning Interview"
"Significance of 'Unexplained Phenomena'"
"Links Between 'Poltergeist' Cases"
"Matthew Manning and EVP"
"Incidents in the Life of Matthew Manning"
"Matthew Manning and Reincarnation"
"Matthew Manning and Spiritual Healing"

José Medrado

VIDEO: "Jose Medrado der Trance Maler"
VIDEO: "José Medrado - Pintura Mediúnica - Abril 2011"

Coral Polge

"Two Acclaimed 'Psychic Artists': Frank Leah and Coral Polge"
 VIDEO: "Coral Polge - Psychic Art"

Francisco Cândido ('Chico') Xavier

"Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century by Guy Lyon Playfair"
"Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios"
VIDEO: "Chico Xavier"


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