Lessons and Parallels of Four Paranormal Case Chronologies

Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication and the Media

The Mahatma Letters

"Area 51: The Alien Interview" Revisited with Video Links

Messages from Michael

Case Profile: Jane Roberts — The 'Channel' for 'Seth'

Arthur Ford's Trance Seances for Mrs. Houdini and Bishop Pike

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Esoteric Aspects of Edgar Cayce's Life

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Paranormal Aspects of Pop Culture — Articles Links Index

The Phenomenal Photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910) — Psychic and Channeler

Andrija Puharich and Miraculous Trance Healer Pachita

Joan of Arc

List of 600+ Metaphysical Articles (with Links)

Information Sources Providing Data about 'The God Force'

A Key to Developing a Perspective of Nostradamus

Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce Millennial Prophecy Fulfillment

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